The Generation Hustle, Episode 50: Abdullah Snobar

Generation Hustle

The Generation Hustle has been one of my favourite podcasts during the pandemic and has helped me stay inspired through some difficult times. Listening to hosts Aman Samra and Sheriston Rajendram interview dozens of successful millennials in the industry – on topics ranging from business, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and culture – has kept me motivated […]

Microsoft Bookings: An honest review

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings Overview Microsoft Bookings is part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (formerly Office 365/Microsoft Office) is Microsoft’s appointment booking and scheduling tool. The application was created with the vision of helping users better manage their time, and to integrate scheduling with other Microsoft resources such as Outlook and Teams. An important point to note […]

Google accidently offends the people of Karnataka

Google, Bengaluru

BENGALURU – The State Miniter of Karnataka, India has rebuked Google for suggesting that Kannada, the State’s official language, is the ugliest language on the country. A google search with keywords ‘ugliest language in india’ produced a result seemingly from Google claiming the answer is ‘Kannada’, a language spoken by 40 million people in the […]

Canada Post supplier hit by huge data breach

Canada Post data breach

A data breach affected nearly 1 million individuals when a supplier to Canada Post fell victim to a malware attack last week. These individuals were customers of 44 businesses served by the postal agency. The supplier, Commport Communication – an electronic data interchange solution supplier, has been used by the postal agency to manage the […]

Amazon buys Hollywood studio MGM for $8.45bn

Amazon MGM

SEATTLE – In a move that will heat up the entertainment industry even further; (AMZN: NASDAQ) has purchased the historic Hollywood studio MGM for a record $8.45bn. This will boost the company’s offerings through a huge back catalogue of movies and shows on Amazon Prime videos and increase competition for streaming service providers such […]

Technology companies on a Canadian hiring spree

Tech companies compete for Canadian talent

American technology companies are setting up secondary headquarters in Canada and looking to fill in hundreds of new positions.

Although it is great news in general; Canadian companies and start-ups are finding it harder to hire local talent.

Everybody lies

Everybody lies

The Fintech PM, Episode 1: Swapna Malekar

Fintech PM host Adam Johannsson

Product management and Fintech are two industry hot topics that do not get discussed in the same context often enough (except perhaps by practitioners). It is timely then, that Adam Johannsson, a senior analyst at TD Securities and a Fintech enthusiast created this series. The conversation flows naturally, and Fintech enthusiasts will enjoy the range […]

Toronto’s cute pink delivery robots

Tiny Mile robots helping food delivery in Toronto

Now Magazine; Toronto’s liberal arts and culture magazine occasionally publishes interesting articles with a focus on technology and Toronto’s culture. Editor Richard Trapunski takes a behind-the-scenes look at the popular delivery robots that seem to be getting a lot of attention in Toronto and on social media. He talks about the excitement people feel around […]

Least engaged employees work from home: Wework CEO

Wework CEO Mathrani

NEW YORK – It seems Wework’s new CEO might also have a taste for controversy, albeit for reasons completely opposite to its former CEO Adam Neuman. Sandeep Lakhmi Mathrani joined the company in February 2020, following the departure of its previous CEO and a botched IPO. The transition took place without much fanfare, however the […]