Saturday, April 11th 2020

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How to better understand the humans behind your customers.

Too often, customers do something that we struggle to understand. Why did they not end up buying our product? Why did they request a refund? Why do we never hear from them after they sign up?

We’ll walk through how the practice of empathizing with your customers can reveal the secret world of customer decisions and motivations. Our Empathy Discovery processes and tools will help you simplify your customer experience and drive better business performance.

At the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of: The value in practising customer empathy

Quantitative and qualitative research processes and tools

Key question(s) that will be addressed:

1. How do we understand what customers expect from us?

2. How can we include customers in our product discovery/delivery process?

3. What types of results can we expect from practicing Empathy Discovery?

Key takeaways: 

*If you’re not practising some form of Customer Discovery, your business is at risk of being disrupted

*Understanding customer decisions, motivations and emotions play a significant role in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage. 

*Amazing customer experiences aren’t random; they are meticulously crafted and iterated upon.

About the Presenter: 

Sam Kashani has over a decade of experience in design strategy, user experience design, business design, user research, and creative leadership. He is passionate about developing simplified products, empowering organizations to be customer-centric, and finding ways to make businesses more revenue. He has delivered strategies for a wide range of products within healthcare, fin-tech, commerce, and retail, enabling growth, adoption, and engagement

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