LinkedIn’s uninspiring top Canadian workplaces list

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Linkedin Top Companies Canada list

07/05/2021 UPDATE: We received an explanation of the methodology used to create this list by representatives for LinkedIn. They reached out to us after the publication of this opinion editorial. You can read it here.

LinkedIn’s third and latest Top 25 list entitled “Top Companies 2021: The 25 best workplaces to grow your career in Canada” sounds like a hodge-podge of Canada’s largest Banking and Telecom oligopolies, with the inclusion of a few global tech giants with offices in Toronto. For a platform with 740 million members and 55 million registered companies, very little research or methodology seems to have gone into putting this list together.

Amazon’s entry on the list raised many eyebrows, given the company’s latest PR disasters including crowded and disease-stricken fulfilment centres, questionable accommodations for drivers (or their subsequent attempt at questioning the validity of the claim) as well as recent efforts to discourage the unionisation of its workers.

Professionals commenting on the report noticed several key businesses missing; most notably Canada’s success story Shopify and the fast-growing, and recently rebranded company Clearco. Absent from the list were companies headquartered outside Toronto’s core. Others noted that professional growth is accelerated in smaller, more dynamic companies – particularly startups.

To their Riva Gold, the Canadian editor at LinkedIn noted that a similar list focused on Startups will be published in April. It remains to be seen in Shopify, which some might not consider a start-up, will make the list. She also noted that some of these companies employed people across Canada.

It is important to mention, my criticism of the report in no way implies that these larger organizations are not excellent places of work in their own right, or that LinkedIn is biased in their opinions. However, a breakdown of the methodology and relevant statistics (visual graphics are always a hit!) would make the report resonate better with LinkedIn’s Canadian members. Additionally, releasing the ‘Startup workplaces’ report would have created more excitement amongst followers of LinkedIn News.

Finally, at Impact Origin, we think principled companies that inspire their employees and give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment make excellent workplaces. Increasingly, professionals ask to work for companies that focus on the growth of their employees and stakeholders and contribute meaningfully to society and the future of our planet.

My criticism of the report in no way implies that these larger organizations are not excellent places of work…

LinkedIn’s List

Here are some of the most notable entries on the list:

  1. RBC (Banking)
  2. TD (Banking)
  3. Scotiabank (Banking)
  4. Alphabet/Google (Tech)
  5. Bell (Telecom)

25. Amazon (Tech)

For the complete list and details such as methodology, here is the original article.









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