We help experienced professionals maximise their potential through content.

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Grow your personal brand through content and social media.


Build and monitor your credibility through analytics.


Create, engage and inspire your community.


Explore paid and volunteer opportunities that match your area of expertise.

Growth Marketing and Business Development for Professionals.

Impact Origin is a content focused growth marketing and business development agency for experienced professionals.

We help you manage your professional brand, build your credibility in the industry, and increase your earning potential through contract opportunities based on your opinion, ideas and expertise.

We are also your partner in creating high value content, conducting research and analysis, engaging your community, and connecting you with opportunities.

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Our advisory and partnership services are ideal for:

  • Full-time, part-time or contract Employees
  • Independent Professionals, Consultants and advisors
  • Remote and Foreign workers
  • Influencers and Business Leaders
  • Subject matter Experts, Professors and Academics
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Are you ready to start your impact journey?

    At Impact Origin, we help you establish, manage and complete growth objectives by leveraging your personal and professional brand.

    In our first 5 (five) sessions together, we will complete the following:

    1. Identify your professional strengths and growth opportunities.

    2. Establish 3 (three) SMART* goals and objectives.

    3. Create a Credibility and Community strategy.

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    *Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound

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    What is your professional credibility and how do you build it?

    As a member, you get listed in our internal directory as a professional who is open to networking with other impact professionals and participating in community events.

    Your participation in Impact Origin sponsored events, such as through volunteering, organising events, speaking, writing, engaging, providing feedback, teaching and mentoring will help build your credibility and community standing.

    Get a complete audit of your digital and community reputation.

    Start building your credibility through a 1-on-1 consultation, or take advantage of our programs and resources available through our free and paid membership plans.



    Share your stories, knowledge, expertise, and time.

    Build your professional credibility.


    As a community focused platform, we provide access to the latest events, resources, and content.

    We also showcase impactful professionals, business leaders, and rising stars in the industry through our podcast.


    gain real, measurable industry credibility Impact Origin is an advisory focused on providing growth management services to experienced professionals and agencies in the technology industry.

    We help you create your brand and credibility by sharing your expertise, connecting you to your community and helping you inspire others. In addition, we help you research and analyse your target clientel, industry trends, competition

    identify your services and coach you through We build your credibility through specialised content and by connecting to your community - leaving you to create an impact in the

    - Connect with your existing and potential customers, professionals and business leaders;

    - Share your expertise, knowledge, experiences, values, and opinions;

    - Inspire your community through impact initiatives and grow your credibility.

    How we help you on your growth journey?

    1. Business Analysis
    2. Understanding you and your brand
    3. Promoting your brand and credibility

    4. Automating Business Growth Processes
    5. Understanding vulnerabilities and impact of business decisions
    6. Understanding current trends and

    1. We help you stay informed and connected to the greater professional community through local news, introductions, and industry events.

    2. We build on top of your experience and qualifications.

    - Our programs and resources help you gain credibility, authority, and influence.
    - Our individual coaching sessions you get direction and build your brand and image.


    We want to inspire today’s digital professionals and give them the tools and guidance needed to become change leaders, so that they may, in turn, inspire the businesses and communities they serve.


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