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Impact Origin is a growth focused platform designed to help you build your credibility.

- Connect with professionals and business leaders through our local listings;

- Share your experiences, values, and opinions; and manage your reputation;

- Inspire your community through our various impact initiatives.

How can we help you on your growth journey?

1. We help you stay informed and connected to the greater professional community through local news, introductions, and industry events.

2. We build on top of your experience and qualifications.

- Our programs and resources help you gain credibility, authority, and influence.
- Our individual coaching sessions you get direction and build your brand and image.


Get access to the latest community news, event updates and more...

As a community focused platform, we provide access to the latest events, resources, and content.

We also showcase impactful professionals, business leaders, and rising stars in the industry through our podcast.


Share your stories, knowledge, expertise, and time.

As a member, you get listed in our internal directory as a professional who is open to networking with other impact professionals and participating in community events.

Your participation in Impact Origin sponsored events, such as through volunteering, organising events, speaking, writing, engaging, providing feedback, teaching and mentoring will help build your credibility and community standing.

Build your professional credibility.

Get a complete audit of your digital and community reputation.

Start building your credibility through a 1-on-1 consultation, or take advantage of our programs and resources available through our free and paid membership plans.


The future of work and Impact Origin

Technology and recent global events have transformed the way professionals interact with business.

Despite the advancements in automation and Artificial Intelligence; subject matter experts and business leaders are central to the success of our businesses.

This means that qualified professionals are in high demand and now increasingly choose who they work with, for how many hours per week, and in what capacity.

For the first time in several centuries, the individual is once again at the centre of a successful organisation.

As a professional, it is your responsibility to build your credibility and grow as a professional in the technology industry.

Impact Origin is your partner in this journey.

The individual at the centre of business and community

As a modern professional, you are responsible for your growth and continued success. You can sell your services and expertise to different businesses or chose to work with a single employer. However, the responsibility of branding yourself as a professional lies with you.
For those interested in a one-off solution, we provide directed services for professional growth strategy: from gathering data and resources, to researching requirements and creating documentation, as well as managing content and engaging stakeholders.


IMPACT ORIGIN is a growth and reputation management platform for values-driven professionals who wish to maximise their potential through high-value content and thought leadership.


We want to inspire today’s digital professionals and give them the tools and guidance needed to become change leaders, so that they may, in turn, inspire the businesses and communities they serve.




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