Big tech receive mixed reviews during COVID

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GLOBAL – Amid the COVID 19 induced shutdowns and recession, certain tech companies have ramped up hiring. Companies such as Amazon and Shopify are not only posting to fill multiple positions, they are also increasing pay rates for current employees. Driven partly by an increase in demand for essential supplies, and partly as a gesture of goodwill – this news has had a positive reaction globally.

However, as workers face a greater threat while performing services – such as delivery or inventory management in warehouses – some argue the wage increases are not enough. Amazon and Instacart workers have protested over the last several days demanding better working conditions. All of this is casting a negative light on the treatment of front line workers.

To add to the scrutiny, Amazon fired a worker who organised a protest against working conditions. In their statement, Amazon claims that he defied orders to stay at home and social distance himself after coming in contact with an infected colleague.

New York state’s attorney general, Letitia James, called the action ‘immoral and inhumane’ and said her office was considering “all legal options” regarding Mr Smalls’ firing.



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