The Fintech PM, Episode 1: Swapna Malekar

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Fintech PM host Adam Johannsson

Product management and Fintech are two industry hot topics that do not get discussed in the same context often enough (except perhaps by practitioners).

It is timely then, that Adam Johannsson, a senior analyst at TD Securities and a Fintech enthusiast created this series. The conversation flows naturally, and Fintech enthusiasts will enjoy the range of discussions regardless of their expertise.

It also helps that the first guest speaker is Swapna Malekar, an accomplished Product Manager and Advisor at RBC and an industry expert in financial technology, payments, and AI. Listen to the episode to find out more about her below.

Not just for Product Managers in Fintech

We highly recommend bookmarking or following this podcast series.

The Fintech PM; by Adam Johannsson. Episode 1: Swapna Malekar.


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