The Generation Hustle, Episode 50: Abdullah Snobar

Generation Hustle

The Generation Hustle has been one of my favourite podcasts during the pandemic and has helped me stay inspired through some difficult times. Listening to hosts Aman Samra and Sheriston Rajendram interview dozens of successful millennials in the industry – on topics ranging from business, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and culture – has kept me motivated […]

The Fintech PM, Episode 1: Swapna Malekar

Fintech PM host Adam Johannsson

Product management and Fintech are two industry hot topics that do not get discussed in the same context often enough (except perhaps by practitioners). It is timely then, that Adam Johannsson, a senior analyst at TD Securities and a Fintech enthusiast created this series. The conversation flows naturally, and Fintech enthusiasts will enjoy the range […]