Rich nations to start taxing tech giants

G7 Rich Nations tax agreement

The heads of several rich countries are discussing new proposals to tax global tech companies that generate high levels of revenue. Many of these companies have generated unprecedented income despite the COVID 19 global pandemic yet manage to pay proportionally very little in taxes. France’s Bruno le Maire told the BBC the G7 club of […]

Amazon buys Hollywood studio MGM for $8.45bn

Amazon MGM

SEATTLE – In a move that will heat up the entertainment industry even further; (AMZN: NASDAQ) has purchased the historic Hollywood studio MGM for a record $8.45bn. This will boost the company’s offerings through a huge back catalogue of movies and shows on Amazon Prime videos and increase competition for streaming service providers such […]

Technology companies on a Canadian hiring spree

Tech companies compete for Canadian talent

American technology companies are setting up secondary headquarters in Canada and looking to fill in hundreds of new positions.

Although it is great news in general; Canadian companies and start-ups are finding it harder to hire local talent.

Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon’s Chief Executive

SEATTLE – Jeff Bezos, the man who created Amazon inc. in 1994, has announced he will be stepping down from his current position as the Chief Executive of the company. Mr. Bezos, who initially ran the online book retailer out of his basement, spearheaded it into one of the largest and most succesful companies today, […]