Netflix selects Toronto for its Canadian HQ

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TORONTO – Netflix has chosen Toronto as the location for its proposed Canadian office. It had announced its intention to set up in Canada in February and began a selection process to determine which city would best suit its needs.

“Our pitch was clear. Toronto is a film-friendly city, which welcomes and celebrates the screen industry in the broader sense: digital, television and film’ said Mayor John Tory. “The quality and diversity of our talent pool is second to none, anywhere in the world … we have a robust and ever-expanding production and post-production industry including a great partnership with our unions,” he added.

Netflix expects to add 10 to 15 employees based in Toronto. Their first hiring priority is the content executive, who will work directly with creators on ideas and pitches for films and series. Job postings for other Toronto positions will be announced on the careers section of its website.

Netflix has also set up a production hub in Toronto two years ago when it leased studio spaces along the city’s waterfront. It spends around $200M annually on shows in Toronto and has invested more than $2.5 Billion in production in Canada since 2017.



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