Employees at Medium, an American online publishing platform, failed to recognize an internal Union as their representative bargaining unit.

The election, initiated by Medium Workers Union through a 3rd party online voting platform, failed to gain the required number of votes, falling short by just one. Although 52% of employees voted in favour of the Union, an official recognition required a 75+1 yeses, as per terms agreed by all parties involved before the election.

Despite the loss, the Union claims the vote was not a decision on their existence. “This election did not have the outcome we hoped for, but we’re not going anywhere” the Union said in a statement posted to Twitter on Monday, March 1st, 2021.

They reiterated their commitment to making ‘Medium a stronger and better workplace’. Although the union can hold another third-party election at any time, they have decided to take a break before re-organizing to determine their goals together with the employees and the company CEO, Evan Williams.

The news comes amidst various publicized attempts at unionisation across the U.S. specifically, by staff of digital platforms such as Amazon.

UPDATE: March 23rd

Medium’s CEO, Ev WIlliams announced on Tuesday, March 23rd, that the company was giving a voluntary exit option to ’employees who would like to take a different path’. He stated that while the platform has been successful, ‘the equation of cost, audience, and return on investment’ worked less well. According to the announcement, the company was shifting its focus by redirecting editorial resources to finding and supporting independent writers.

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