Google accidently offends the people of Karnataka

Google, Bengaluru

BENGALURU – The State Miniter of Karnataka, India has rebuked Google for suggesting that Kannada, the State’s official language, is the ugliest language on the country. A google search with keywords ‘ugliest language in india’ produced a result seemingly from Google claiming the answer is ‘Kannada’, a language spoken by 40 million people in the […]

Roaring Kitty’s testimony to Congress goes viral

Roaring Kitty Congress

WASHINGTON – The now infamous trader, Keith Gill, also known by his social media handles ‘Roaring Kitty’ and “DeepF***ingValue’, testified before Congress this Thursday, giving insight into his background and motives for causing a rally on the stock market earlier this month. His post on the Reddit forum, WallStreetBets, caused stock prices of GameStop (NYSE: […]